WASSS 2013 - 1st Workshop on Affective Social Speech Signals

Organized by: 

LIG - INRIA/LIG - UFOP- Lidilem - Gipsa Lab

- At "La Maison des Langues", on the Grenoble Universities Campus.

- Satellite of Interspeech 2013

- Co-located with the 4th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies (SLPAT)

This workshop will provide a meeting place for the different communities interested into why, how and when speech is used by humans for signalling socio-affective functions. It will be dedicated to building interdisciplinary research and cross-fertilization between the different scientific communities. All areas related to human communication are implied : language and speech computing, robotics or virtual agents, as well as linguistics, phonetics, pragmatics, didactics, sociology, psychology, neuropsychology, ethology, biology, etc. Full details in the website