Stéphane Clinchant & Éric Gaussier, Article primé "Best paper award" à la conférence ICTIR 2013

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"Best paper award" à la conférence ICTIR 2013 (International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval), Copenhagen, 29 sept.-2 oct. 2013.
Pour l'article "A Theoretical Analysis of Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Models", Stéphane Clinchant & Éric Gaussier (équipe AMA).


  • Statement from the award committee:
  • This paper did an in-depth formal analysis of existing pseudo-feedback methods based on language models to understand the pros and cons of each method and proposed extensions of existing models based on the gained understanding, which have proven to be effective.
  • Overall, we feel that the work makes a clear contribution on a fundamentally important topic to IR.