4th Grenoble Workshop on Autonomic Computing and Control

Organisé par : 
Bogdan Robu (Gipsa-lab) and Eric Rutten (INRIA)
Équipes : 

Tuesday 17, and Monday 23 October, 2017 (Grenoble campus) :

Supported by the HPES (High-Performance Embedded Systems), équipe action of the LabEx PERSYVAL-Lab  https://persyval-lab.org/

Registration is *free* but required (especially if you wish to share lunch with us) :

Adaptive and reconfigurable computing systems are becoming widespread, in different areas such as Cloud computing, High-Performance Computing, or Smart Environments in the Internet of Things. Their particularity is to be able to change their computing structure dynamically, in response to changes in their environment or execution platform. Motivations for the adaptivity are found in resource management, energy efficiency, or functionality. Autonomic Computing in an approach to automate the management of adaptation with feedback loops, with a better handling of complexity and responsiveness. The design of the reconfiguration controllers requires methods, models and tools, in order to have safe and predictable behaviors of the automated systems, for which Control Theory provides an effective background.

This workshop follows three previous editions in may and november 2014, and november 2015, with programs visible on the workshop page : 
The idea is to exchange experiences and views on the combination of Control Theory and Computer Science to solve the problems arising when designing self-adaptive, autonomic computing systems. Participants are joining competences from the two main areas.