Jonathan Rouzaud Cornabas - Simulation of Scientific Applications on multiple Clouds

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Arnaud Legrand
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Jonathan Rouzaud Cornabas
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: Nowadays, a lot of scientific applications want to use Cloud Computing platforms. Many papers have been published on porting a specific application in a Cloud. But they do not go further than running the application and only take into account a part of the resources available. The goal of my work is to design new provisioning algorithms for scientific applications on multiple Clouds. Contrary to other approaches, I take into account all the resources and not only the computing ones. The purpose of this presentation is to show than even common and simple scientific applications such as Bag Of Tasks request complex two-levels provisioning algorithms. To evaluate my algorithms, I rely on a simulation tool that I design : SimGrid Cloud Broker. I will present the simulator and the related performance models that allows to simulate the full Amazon Web Services Cloud. I will conclude on the need of taking into account non-functional objectives when co-provisioning scientific applications on federated Cloud platforms.