Olivier Cailloux - Evaluating social choice rules with deliberated judgements

Organisé par : 
Sylvain Bouveret
Intervenant : 
Olivier Cailloux - LAMSADE
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You have been deeply interested in the last keynote speech on voting, given at LIG by Rida Laraki at the beginning of October? This seminar should give you another perspective on the topic of choosing the best voting method for a given election.  

Olivier Cailloux, from LAMSADE, Université Paris Dauphine (France) is currently visiting us at LIG.

Social choice generally adopts either a normative view about social choice rules: which rules ought to be used; or a descriptive view: how do voting rules relate to people’s choices, using the people’s (possibly uninformed or non-reflectful) intuitive notion of “best” candidate. In this presentation I will describe the recently proposed notion of deliberated judgement, which can, I will briefly argue, serve as a basis to a third way in social choice, usable to describe reflectful attitudes of people towards norms and to compare normative theories empirically.