Claude Castelluccia - An Introduction to DataVeillance (Data + Surveillance)

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Claude Castelluccia, INRIA


Claude Castelluccia is a research director (DR) at Inria Rhone-Alpes, where he leads the PRIVATICS team(Privacy Models, Architectures and Tools for the Information Society).
The goals of the Privatics team are to study the new privacy threats introduced by the information society and design privacy-preserving solutions to prevent or at least mitigate them. The project follows a multidisciplinary approach. It focuses on technical and scientific problems, but also considers the economical, legal and social aspects of privacy.
Claude has held visiting research positions at UC Irvine and Stanford University, USA. His current research is on Internet privacy and security with a focus on anonymized analytics, data anonymization, data transparency and Internet-based surveillance analysis. He is also interested in the economical and legal aspects of data privacy.
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While the benefits provided by new technologies are indisputable, they unfortunately pose considerable privacy threats that can potentially turn them into a nightmare.

Most of these systems leave digital traces, or meta-data, that can potentially be used to profile/monitor users. Users are unaware of the information that is collected about themselves.
Content on the Internet (documents, emails, chats, images, videos etc) is often disseminated and replicated on different peers or servers.
As a result, users lose the control of their data as soon  as they release them.
This talk will discuss about the emerging field of Dataveillance and present some of our latest projects and results.