Research areas and teams

LIG research is conducted by 21 teams organized into these 5 high-level areas:
Research areas Teams Description
Software and Information System Engineering CTRL-A Control for safe Autonomic computing systems
Eric Rutten
SIGMA Systèmes d’Information - inGénierie et Modélisation Adaptables
Agnes Front and Cyril Labbé
VASCO VAlidation of Software Systems, Components and Objects
Yves Ledru
Formal Methods, Models, and Languages CAPP Calculi, Algorithms, Programs, and Proofs
Nicolas Peltier
CONVECS Construction of Verified Concurrent Systems
Radu Mateescu
SPADES Sound Programming of Adaptable Dependable Embedded Systems
Gregor Goessler
TYREX Types and Reasoning for the Web
Pierre Genevès and Nabil Layaida
Intelligent Systems for Bridging Data, Knowledge and Humans AMA dAta analysis, Modeling and mAchine learning
Massih-reza Amini
GETALP Study Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of Languages and Speech
François Portet
MOEX Evolving knowledge
Jérôme Euzenat
MRIM Multimedia Information Modeling and Retrieval
Georges Quénot
SLIDE ScaLable Information Discovery and Exploitation
Sihem Amer-Yahia
STEAMER Spatio-temporal information, adaptability, multimedia and knowledge representation
Paule-Annick Davoine
Interactive and Cognitive Systems IIHM Engineering Human-Computer Interaction
Laurence Nigay
Marvin Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Damien Pellier
METAH Models and Technologies for Enhanced-Learning Systems
Abdelhamid Chaachoua
Distributed Systems, Parallel Computing, and Networks CORSE Compiler Optimization and Run-time SystEms
Fabrice Rastello
DATAMOVE Data Aware Large Scale Computing
Bruno Raffin
DRAKKAR Networks, IoT, and Security
Andrzej Duda
ERODS Efficient and RObust Distributed Systems
Noël de Palma
POLARIS Performance analysis and Optimization of LARge Infrastructures and Systems
Arnaud Legrand