Irini Fundulaki - Pushing the Limits of Instance Matching Systems: A Semantics-Aware Benchmark for Linked Data

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Equipe TYREX
Irini Fundulaki

Irini Fundulaki is a Principal Researcher of the Information Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Computer ScienceFORTH.


Conférence annulée

In this talk we are going to  present  the Semantic Publishing Instance Matching Benchmark (SPIMBENCH) developed in the context of the Linked Data Benchmark Council EU project ( SPIMBench  allows the benchmarking of instance matching systems against not only structure-based and value-based test cases, but also against semantics-aware test cases based on OWL axioms. The benchmark features a scalable data generator and a weighted gold standard that can be used for debugging instance matching systems and for reporting how well they perform in various matching tasks.