LIG PhD student Days 2017


LIG's PhD day is a great opportunity for graduate students to get together, present their work and enjoy some free food :-) In the course of the event, LIG's 2nd year PhD students will be presenting their work in the form of a poster and in the (in)famous "2-minutes madness" session, so join us for a day of lively exchanges and discussion.

As in 2016, we are taking advantage of the concurrent LIG keynote to align the program of the day with the Keynote talk of Arnaud Legrand on reproducible research at 14:00 in the IMAG amphitheater.

The detailed program of the event is as follows (IMAG amphitheater):

Our warmest thanks to all PhD students who will be presenting their work, to the participants, and to all the organizers of the event!

Yann Laurillau and Panayotis Mertikopoulos
Grad Student Liaisons


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