Philippe Kruchten - Agility and Architecture or: What colours is your backlog?

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Dominique Vaufreydaz


Philippe Kruchten - Université de Colombie britannique

Philippe Kruchten is known as Director of Process Development (RUP) at Rational Software, and developer of the 4+1 view model. He is currently professor of software engineering, in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, where he holds an NSERC Chair in Design Engineering. He teaches software engineering, more specifically software project management, and two interdisciplinary project courses on innovation, entrepreneurship, system engineering. Philippe does research in software architecture and software processes, with a handful of graduate students, and many collaborators around the world.

Plan pour se rendre à l’UFR IM2AG

Détail du plan

Is “Agile architecture” an oxymoron, an attempt to blend two totally incompatible approaches ?

Agile proponents usually picture software architecture as a non-agile practice, with a big up-front design effort, massive documentation, and the smell of waterfall (although everybody wants to be called an architect). However, when architectural issues are ignored, certain classes of systems will “hit a wall” and collapse.

In this presentation we will review the real issues at stake, get past the rhetoric and posturing, and suggest that the two cultures can coexist and support each other. In particular, we will show that in a backlog we can distinguish visible elements (features) from invisible aspects (architecture) and their dependencies, and from defects and technical debt.