Till Mossakowski - A Categorical Approach to Ontology Alignment

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L'équipe EXMO
Till Mossakowski

Le Lundi 25 avril 2016 à 10h00 dans l'amphithéatre F107, INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot - Entrée libre

Bio : Till Mossakowski got his PhD from Bremen University. In 2005, he has received his habilitation degree for a thesis about heterogeneous specifications. Since October 2013, he is professor for theoretical computer science in Magdeburg. He also is head of the Institute for Intelligent Cooperating Systems. His research areas include:

  • Qualitative spatio-temporal constraint satisfaction problems
  • Heterogeneous Formal Methods for Ontolgies, Software Specification, and Formal Modeling
  • Formal Models of Concept Creation
  • Modeling for electrical grids and renewable energies
Ontology matching and alignment is a key mechanism for linking the diverse datasets and ontologies arising in the Semantic Web. We show that category theory provides the powerful abstractions needed for a uniform treatment at various levels: semantics, language design, reasoning and tools. This has lead to a contribution to the Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language DOL, namely constructs for networks of aligned ontologies endowed with formal semantics. We show in particular how the three semantics of Zimmermann and Euzenat can be uniformly and faithfully represented using these DOL language constructs. Finally, we summarise how the DOL alignment features are currently being implemented in the Ontohub/Hets tool-ecosystem, including support for the OWL and Alignment APIs.