Matthieu Caneill - Contributions to large-scale data processing systems

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Matthieu Caneill
Matthieu Caneill


Jury :

  • Sihem Amer-Yahia, Examiner, Research Director (CNRS Délégation Alpes)
  • Daniel Hagimont, Reviewer, Professor (INP Toulouse - ENSEEIHT)
  • Jean-Marc Menaud, Reviewer, Professor (IMT Atlantique Bretagne - Pays de la Loire)
  • Noël De Palma, PhD advisor, Professor (Université Grenoble Alpes)



This thesis covers the topic of large-scale data processing systems, and more precisely three complementary approaches: the design of a system to perform prediction about computer failures through the analysis of monitoring data; the routing of data in a real-time system looking at correlations between message fields to favor locality; and finally a novel framework to design data transformations using directed graphs of blocks.

Through the lenses of the Smart Support Center project, we design a scalable architecture, to store time series reported by monitoring engines, which constantly check the health of computer systems. We use this data to perform predictions, and detect potential problems before they arise.

We then dive in routing algorithms for stream processing systems, and develop a layer to route messages more efficiently, by avoiding hops between machines. For that purpose, we identify in real-time the correlations which appear in the fields of these messages, such as hashtags and their geolocation, for example in the case of tweets. We use these correlations to create routing tables which favor the co-location of actors handling these messages.

Finally, we present λ-blocks, a novel programming framework to compute data processing jobs without writing code, but rather by creating graphs of blocks of code. The framework is fast, and comes with batteries included: block libraries, plugins, and APIs to extend it. It is also able to manipulate computation graphs, for optimization, analysis, verification, or any other purposes.