Orléant Epal Njamen - NETAH, un framework pour la composition distribuée de flux d’événements

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Orléant Epal Njamen
Orléant Epal Njamen

Membres du jury :

  • Mme Béatrice FINANCE, MCF HDR, Université de Versailles Saint Quentin, rapporteur 
  • Mr Jean-Marc PETIT, professeur, INSA-Lyon, rapporteur 
  • Mr. Michel RIVEILL, professeur, Polytech’Nice Sophia, examinateur 
  • Mme Fabienne BOYER, MCF HDR, Université Grenoble Alpes, examinateur 
  • Mme Christine COLLET, professeur, Grenoble INP, directrice de thèse 
  • Mme Genoveva VARGAS SOLAR, CR HDR CNRS, co-encadrante de thèse

This thesis proposes NETAH, a framework for the construction of event stream composition services in highly distributed contexts with limited resources such as smart grid, the Internet of Things, etc. An event stream composition service instanciated using NETAH is a network of event processing units, which can be deployed on a target architecture composed by a set of connected processing nodes having different capacities. NETAH implements a model for the representation and composition of different types of event streams, with appropriate composition operators. Each event processing unit corresponds to a event stream composition operator. NETAH implements an algorithm for the deployment of event processing units. The deployment of event processing unit considers the resources available on network nodes, as well as the latency of communication links, in order to satisfy the quality of service. Our approach exploits the computing resources of heterogeneous devices distributed over the network. The NETAH framework has been instantiated to implement event stream composition net- works in the context of smart grid monitoring. This experiment demonstrates the validity of our proposal for event stream composition in the distributed and constrained environment that is a smart grid