Simon Moura - Apprentissage statistique avec plusieurs objectifs: étude empirique et théorique

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Simon Moura
Simon Moura



  • Gael Dias, PR, Univ. de Caen (Reviewer)
  • Yann Guermeur, DR, CNRS/LORIA (Reviewer)
  • Marianne Clausel, PR, LORIA (Examiner)
  • Sana Louichi, PR, UGA/LJK (Examiner)
  • Yury Maximov, Associate Professor, Skoltech (Examiner)
  • Massih-Reza Amini, PR, UGA/LIG (Director)

In this thesis, we study the problem of learning with multiple outputs related to different tasks, such as classification and ranking. In this line of research, we explored three different axes. First we proposed a theoretical framework that can be used to show the consistency of multi-label learning in the case of classifier chains, where outputs are homogeneous. Based on this framework, we proposed Rademacher generalization error bound made by any classifier in the chain and exhibit dependency factors relating each output to the others. As a result, we introduced multiple strategies to learn classifier chains and select an order for the chain. Still focusing on the homogeneous multi-output framework, we proposed a neural network based solution for fine-grained sentiment analysis and show the efficiency of the approach. Finally, we proposed a framework and an empirical study showing the interest of learning with multiple tasks, even when the outputs are of different types.