Joining LIG

To join LIG, you can apply for a permanent position, you can try to do a post-doc or obtain an ATER position (teaching assistant). You can also work as an engineer under job contract in a research team. Finally, you can visit LIG, if you are a member of a research institution in France or abroad.

As a student, you can obtain an internship or prepare a PhD thesis in one of the LIG research teams.

Permanent Positions

Permanent positions are available primarily through an annual nationwide competitive search process taking place from January to March:

Post-docs et teaching assistants (ATERs)

LIG research teams may have various types of funding for post-doc positions: institutional funding (CNRS, Grenoble INP, Inria, UGA) or research and industrial grants. A typical duration of a post-doc is between 6 months and 2 years. Open post-doc positions are usually advertised on the websites of research teams or on mailing lists. Calls for applications for post-docs funded by research institutions are posted on their websites at the time of the annual campaign between February and May: CNRSInria.

The laboratory can also host teaching assistants (ATER - Attachés Temporaires d'Enseignement et de Recherche). Applicants must fulfill one of the conditions of the Decree 88-654 of 7 May 1988 and register on the Ministry portal Galaxie: ALTAIR.

Engineers under job contract

The teams that obtained research grants can hire engineers under temporary job contract. The positions are announced on mailing lists and on websites of the research teams or on this website.


LIG hosts many visitors for periods ranging from several days to several months. Visitors must be members of a French or foreign research institution and before coming to LIG, they need to contact a chosen research team. Some institutional financial support is available, such as university positions for invited professors.


The research teams offer internships mostly related to Master degree programs or the 3rd year of the French Engineering Schools. The subjects proposed by teams are posted on the websites of the Masters and the schools.

Masters - pre-doc scholarships

Some scholarships for preparing a Master degree are available from Labex PERSYVAL-Lab.

PhD Thesis

To prepare a PhD thesis at LIG, you should contact a chosen research team to find a supervisor who proposes a thesis topic and some funding. The main sources of funding are the following:

  • Scholarships of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research,
  • Scholarships of research institutions (CNRS, INRIA, Digiteo, Rhône-Alpes Region, etc.),
  • Research grants obtained by research teams,
  • Scholarships from the country og origin for foreign students.

All information on doctoral studies is available on the website of the MSTII Doctoral School (Mathematics, Information Sciences and Technologies, and Computer Science).