GETALP - Study Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of Languages and Speech
Joint research team between CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA
+33 457421454
The GETALP (Study Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of Languages and Speech) was created in 2007 at the same time as the LIG establishment. Resulting from the virtuous union of researchers in spoken and written language processing, GETALP is a multidisciplinary group (computer scientists, linguists, phoneticians, translators and signal processing specialists) with the objective to address all theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of multilingual communication and multilingual (written or spoken) information processing.
The methodology GETALP consists of continuous back and forth interaction between data collection, fundamental research, development of systems, applications and experimental evaluations.
Highlights of our research:
  • Ecological approach - one specificity of GETALP is the willingness to address the diversity of situations of written or spoken language usage: multiplicity of languages, speakers, dialects, cultures, social contexts and applications, with a special interest for "long tails" (under-resourced languages, atypical speakers etc.).
  • Agnostic approach - the history of the team and its different scientific cultures allow the synergy between expert and empirical methods, the large-scale analysis (big data) and the analysis of phenomena requiring fine-grain annotations ("beautiful data"), induction and models, etc.
  • Multidisciplinarity - the strength of the GETALP team mainly comes from the complementarity of its members enabling an "in breadth" research approach from data collection to evaluation, from understanding of fundamental communicative phenomena to industrial applications.
  • Human in the loop - to assist humans in communicative situations, we include them in the automated processes (semi-supervised approaches, collaborative and interactive approaches, trace and error analysis).
  • Development of tools and resources - GETALP develops and distributes open source tools and resources such as: a cooperative Web platform for development of multilingual lexical databases, a collection of written and oral corpus for processing of poorly endowed languages, collecting multimodal corpus in the interaction context, a collaborative system of post-editing and evaluation of machine translation, web services for the language, and many more.
Our research topics include:
  • Automatic speech transcription and translation.
  • Computer Aided Translation.
  • Processing of under-resourced languages.
  • Modeling social affects.
  • Speech Processing, analysis and interaction in ambient environments.
  • Collection and interoperability of multilingual lexical resources.
  • Automatic and interactive meaning clarification processes.
  • Software engineering for multilingualism.
  • Automatic summarization of ambient data.
Local, national, and international ecosystem
GETALP builds upon a rich local ecosystem and collaborates with other LIG research teams (in particular, on the research topics mentioned above) and with other Grenoble laboratories. GETALP is an internationally recognized player in the natural language and speech processing communities with many collaborative and industrial projects and the organization of the JEP-TALN-RECITAL conference in 2012. A remarkable feature is its international network of collaborations and contacts on all continents, which makes GETALP a particularly relevant and convincing stakeholder for contribution to the theoretical and technological Grail of multilingualism.

Permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
AUBERGE Véronique Chercheur +33 4 57421446
BELLYNCK Valérie Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 50
BESACIER Laurent Enseignant-chercheur
BLANCHON Hervé Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 57
BRUNET-MANQUAT Francis Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 65
COAVOUX Maximin Chercheur
DINARELLI Marco Chercheur
ESPERANCA-RODIER Emmanuelle Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 92
GOULIAN Jérôme Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 05
LECOUTEUX Benjamin Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 20
MANGEOT-NAGATA Mathieu Associate Professor +33 4 57421526
PORTET François Professor
RINGEVAL Fabien Associate Professor +33 4 57421607
ROSSATO Solange Associate Professor +33 4 57421556
SCHWAB Didier Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 59
SERASSET Gilles Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 60

Non-permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
ALISAMIR Sina PhD Student
ARNONE Vincent Intern
ARRIGO Jordan Intern
BERMENT Vincent Visiting Researcher
CHAPPUY Sylviane Contractual Researcher
COURLA Mélissa Engineer
EVAIN Solène PhD Student
FU Qianqian PhD Student
GARNERIN Mahault PhD Student +33 4 57 42 16 46
GASMI Oussama Engineer
GUILBAUD Jean-philippe Volunteer Collaborator
HANSEN Damien PhD Student
HAVARD William PhD Student +33 4 57 42 16 46
KIM Zae Myung PhD Student
LE Thi-phuong-hang PhD Student
LE FERRAND Eric PhD Student
LEMAIRE Claire Visiting Researcher
LI Mou Intern
LUPO Lorenzo PhD Student
NGUYEN Manh Ha PhD Student
NIVON Quentin Intern
RICHARD Agnès PhD Student
RIOU Sébastien Engineer
SCALES Philip PhD Student
STEPHENSON Brooke PhD Student
TONG Ziyi Intern
UNG Lyheang Intern
USMANOVA Anastasiia Intern
VACHER Michel Volunteer Collaborator
VARGAS FIGUEROA Carlos Francisco Intern
ZANON BOITO Marcely PhD Student
ZHOU Yongxin PhD Student
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