POLARIS - Performance analysis and Optimization of LARge Infrastructures and Systems
Joint research project-team INRIA and CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA
+33 4 76 61 53 94
The goal of the POLARIS project is to contribute to the understanding (from the observation, modeling and analysis to the actual optimization through adapted algorithms) of the performance of very large scale distributed systems by applying original ideas from various research fields and application domains. Studying all these different aspects at once without restricting to specific systems is the key to push forward our understanding of such challenges and propose innovative solutions. If large computing infrastructures are naturally among our targets, the synergies with other data intensive sciences leads us to consider other kind of big data processing infrastructures as well. This is why we investigate problems arising from application domains as varied as large computing infrastructures, wireless networks, smart grids or transportation systems. The POLARIS team works in close cooperation with other research teams on a continuum of five research themes including measurement and experimentation, statistical trace analysis and visualization, discrete-event and perfect simulation, asymptotic modeling, stochastic optimization and game theory.

Permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
ANSELMI Jonatha Chercheur
DANJEAN Vincent Associate Professor +33 4 57421476
GAST Nicolas Chercheur +33 4 57 42 14 98
GAUJAL Bruno Senior Research Scientist +33 4 57421499
HUARD Guillaume Associate Professor +33 4 57421510
LEGRAND Arnaud Senior Research Scientist +33 4 57 42 15 22
LOISEAU Patrick Chercheur +33 4 57 42 16 05
MERTIKOPOULOS Panagiotis Chercheur +33 4 57 42 15 29
PERRONNIN Florence Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 42
PRADELSKI Bary Chercheur +33 4 57 42 15 87
VINCENT Jean Marc Associate Professor +33 4 57421570
WAILLE Philippe Associate Professor +33 4 57421572

Non-permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
ALLMEIER Sebastian PhD Student
AUDEOUD Henry-Joseph Post-doc +33 4 57 42 16 68
BARZOLA Thomas PhD Student
BOONE Victor Intern
CRAVIC Romain Intern
DEGOMME Augustin Visiting Researcher
EMELIANOV Vitalii PhD Student
GAUFFRE Aurélien Intern
GKIOUZEPI Eleni Engineer
HSIEH Yu-Guan PhD Student
JANTSCHGI Simon Philipp PhD Student
KHUN Kimang PhD Student
KLETTI Till PhD Student
MOUSTAKAS Dimitrios PhD Student
REBUFFI Louis-sébastien PhD Student
ROCHA BRUEL Pedro Henrique PhD Student
ROUSSILLON Benjamin PhD Student
VU Dong Quan Post-doc
YAN Chen PhD Student
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