Martin Kay - Linguistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Machine Translation

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Hervé Blanchon
Martin Kay
Martin Kay
Martin Kay

Martin Kay, Professor of Lingusitics and, by courtesy, of Computer Science, Stanford University.

Honorary Professor of Computational Linguistics, the University of the Saarland

In this talk, I will attempt a more comprehensive assessment of current approaches to machine translation than is frequently attempted. I will try to develop a more general picture of the overall architecture of existing and possible statistical systems which, if it is successful, would make them more flexible and capable of development in a variety of new ways. Linguistics will play a major roll in systems that are statistical-expert hybrids and which are bound to attract more attention as pressure grows to strive for results of higher quality. Mathematics will help give a picture of the combinatorial problems that some such approaches might encounter. Computer Science provides ways of making at least some of these problems more tractable.