Series of webinars on reproducible research. Episode VII. Publication Modes Favoring Reproducible Research


To improve our practice in terms of reproducible research, some colleagues and I organize a series of webinars where we will share our experience and thoughts and on those different themes. These webinars are open to anyone (PhD students, post-doc, engineers, researchers, …) and will be in English (possibly with a strong French accent ;-). The first six ones have addressed various topics such as:

 All the slides and videos are available here:

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on "Publication Modes Favoring Reproducible Research". Conducting research in a reproducible way is often perceived as an additional difficulty. If such effort is not recognized, the incentive for doing so is not clear for most persons. Several conferences and journals have thus started strongly encouraging such practice (artifact evaluations, companion websites, dissemination platforms, …) and some are actually pioneering toward an alternative publication model. Konrad Hinsen and Nicolas Rougier are both behind the ReScience journal initiative that targets computational research and encourages the explicit replication of already published research, promoting new and open-source implementations in order to ensure that the original research is reproducible.

In this webinar, we will give an overview of the connections between reproducible research and publication and of the main social and technical challenges that should be taken into consideration. We will then present the ReScience initiative and make a demo of ActivePapers a possible solution for making computations reproducible and publishable.

It will take place on Tuesday 14th February 2017, from 1:30PM to 4:30PM (UTC+1) in the amphitheater of the IMAG building in Grenoble. It will be screencast and interactions during the presentations will take place through written interactive documents (pad, hangout, …). The resulting videos will be edited within a few days for a better exploitation by people that would not have been able to attend the event. All the information are gathered here:

If you are interested in following these talks, you should check on the previous web page whether a room has been reserved nearby and, if not, book one and update the web page accordingly as it is always much more fun/easy to learn in company of others rather than alone in a dark office. :)

We hope to see you soon.
Arnaud Legrand