Series of webinars on reproducible research. Episode XI. The Popper Convention


To improve our practice in terms of reproducible research, some colleagues and I organize a series of webinars where we will share our experience and thoughts and on those different themes. These webinars are open to anyone (PhD students, post-doc, engineers, researchers, …) and will be in English (possibly with a strong French accent ;-). The precedent ones have addressed various topics such as:

 All the slides and videos are available here:

The next webinar will be given by Ivo Gimenez (UC Santa Cruz) on "The Popper Convention: An Approach to Practical Falsifiable Research":

Over the last decade, software engineering and systems administration communities have developed sophisticated techniques and strategies to ensure "software reproducibility", i.e. the reproducibility of software artifacts and their behavior using versioning, dependency management, virtualization, infrastructure automation, and comprehensive documentation. In this talk Ivo Gimenez will introduce and give an overview of the Popper Experimentation Protocol ([]) developed at the Systems Research Lab at UC Santa Cruz in collaboration with SandiaNational Labs, LLNL, NCAR, Unidata, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The key idea behind Popper is to manage every scientific exploration in computation and data exploration as a software project, using tools and services that are readily available now and enjoy wide popularity. By doing so, scientific explorations become reproducible with the same convenience, efficiency, and scalability as software reproducibility while fully leveraging continuing improvements to these tools and services.
His team has adopted (and evolved) the Popper protocol for a little more than a year for all their research work, including paper submissions to peer-reviewed systems conferences and workshops. Students prefer following the protocol because they find it makes their work for them personally more productive. They are now working with research groups in genomics and numerical weather prediction to help “popperize” their scientific explorations.

It will take place on Thursday 20th July 2017, from 1:30PM to 4:30PM (UTC+1) in room 406 of the IMAG building in Grenoble. It will be screencast and interactions during the presentations will take place through written interactive documents (pad, hangout, …). The resulting videos will be edited within a few days for a better exploitation by people that would not have been able to attend the event. All the information are gathered here:

If you are interested in following these talks, you should check on the previous web page whether a room has been reserved nearby and, if not, book one and update the web page accordingly as it is always much more fun/easy to learn in company of others rather than alone in a dark office. :)

We hope to see you soon.
Arnaud Legrand