Smart-grid / Software engineering

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2 ans
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Please find below the information about an open post-doc position at Inria/LIG (Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble / Grenoble Informatics Laboratory) in Grenoble, France. The post-doctoral researcher will join a team of computer scientists at LIG who are currently developing a distributed control architecture for grid automation at MV and LV level. Strong software development skills, especially in the fields of networking and distributed systems, are required.

The point of contact at LIG is Nicolas Gast.

Expected starting date: flexible, between now and autumn 2017.
Duration: 24 months.
Keywords: software engineering, distributed systems, smart grids.
Location: IMAG building, Grenoble, France.

We are looking for a 2 year post-doctoral researcher to work on a cross-disciplinary project that involves members from the POLARIS team of LIG/INRIA and from G2Elab (Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory). We are seeking an innovative post-doctoral researcher to join the team and to participate in the development of a distributed software architecture that implements a control algorithm for electrical distribution networks.  This position is an opportunity to gain experience of advanced software development and research and to collaborate with industrial partners.

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